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Mailings Available

1.Better Health Happenings:  
A mailing of health related news. Mailed every Tuesday.

2. CraftE's Birthday Club is closed.

3. Devotionals: Quips, quotes, Bible verse, or prayer. Mailed Wednesday. 

4. Closed list

5. Domestic Goddess Tips: A mailing of useful household tips and/or craft projects. Domestic tips are mailed Monday. Craft projects are mailed on Wednesday.

6. Closed list.

7. Informative:  Important/urgent type news, stories, updates,
viruses or hoax warnings, etc.  Occasional mailing

8. Jokes, Funnies & Stuff: Mailed every Thursday. Ratings Everyone to PG. 

9. Links, courtesy of... (mailed every Friday) Interesting links from friends and subscribers. Fun sites, commercial sites, misc. sites

10. Closed list. But you can find opportunities on my website: 
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11. My2Cents:- not a regular send out.. only if someone has something they want to vent or debate.  

12. Closed list.

13. Poetry. Mailed every Tuesday.

14. Prayer requests- just as it says.. when requested.

15. Quotable Quotes & Proverbs: mailed Wednesday.

16.  Recipes-- 4 to 5 recipes sent Thursday of each week to your mailbox.
You may view previous issues here:

17.  Special Request: occasional, could be anything from computer help or visiting a special site, request for assistance of some type,  etc. 

18. Closed list.

19.Closed list.

20. Closed list.

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