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1. Daffodil Cake
2. Dainty Sandwich Cookies 
3. Dairy-free Pasta "cheese" Sauce
4. Dale Hellestrae's Zucchini Cream Cheese Pancakes
5. Dana's Italian Chili
1. Daffodil Cake

Base: Desserts

Number of Servings: 8

1 1/4 Cup(s) Cake flour
1 3/4 Cup(s) Sugar
1 3/4 Cup(s) Egg whites
12 to 14 large eggs
1 1/2 Teaspoon(s) Cream Of Tartar
1/4 Teaspoon(s) Salt
1 1/2 Teaspoon(s) Vanilla
5 Egg yolks
1 Tablespoon(s) Lemon or lime peel, grated

2 Tablespoon(s) Cornstarch
1 Cup(s) Water
2 Tablespoon(s) Lemon or lime juice
1 Tablespoon(s) Butter

Bake at 375. Sift the flour and 3/4 C. of the sugar together three times. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites, cream of tartar, and salt until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in 1 C. sugar and continue to beat until very stiff peaks form. Sift about 1/4 of the flour mixture over the egg whites, gently folding. Repeat with remaining flour mixture, 1/4 at a time. Fold in vanilla. Remove one-third of the batter and set aside. In a separate bowl, beat egg yolks, 2 T. flour and 2 T. sugar until thick and pale yellow. Stir in the lemon peel. Fold about 1/2 C. of the reserved batter mixture into eggs to lighten them, then gently fold egg yolk mixture into reserved batter. Spoon white and yellow batters alternately into an ungreased tube pan. Run knife gently through batter to eliminate air pockets and to swirl the batters. Bake in lower third of oven for 35 - 40 mins. Invert pan to cool. When cool, remove from pan and spoon warm glaze over top or serve sauce on the side.

Glaze: Cook sugar, cornstarch and water,  heat till smooth and thickened. Add lemon peel, juice and butter and heat till warm. Serves 8

ORIGINATOR: Nathalie DuPree, 1994
SUBMITTER: Grace Wagner <>
DATE: 10/14/96 Posted

Nutrition (calculated from recipe ingredients) 
Calories: 409 
Calories From Fat: 45 
Total Fat: 5.1g 
Cholesterol: 139.6mg 
Sodium: 177.5mg 
Potassium: 227.3mg 
Carbohydrates: 80.8g 
Fiber: <1g 
Sugar: 59.9g 
Protein: 10.2g 


2. Dainty Sandwich Cookies

Base: Cookies

Number of Servings: 36

1 Cup(s) Butter, softened
2/3 Cup(s) Sugar
2 Egg yolks
2 1/2 Cup(s) All-purpose hour
1/4 Teaspoon(s) Salt
1 Tablespoon(s) Powdered sugar, up to 2
1/2 Cup(s) Ground blanched almonds
2 Egg whites
1 1/2 Cup(s) Raspberry preserves, about
Powdered sugar, optional
1/2 Cup(s) Semisweet chocolate morsels

Cream butter; gradually add 2/3 cup sugar, beating at medium speed of an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks, one at a time, beating well. Combine flour and salt; add to creamed mixture, beating well. Shape dough into a ball; cover and chill at least 2 hours. Divide dough in half; store 1 portion in refrigerator. Sift powdered sugar lightly over work surface. Roll half of dough to 1/8-inch thickness; cut with a 2 1/2-inch round cutter. Roll remaining dough as before; cut with a 2 1/2-inch doughnut cutter, reserving centers. Chill dough, if necessary. Combine 1/2 cup sugar and almonds; mix well. Beat egg whites until frothy. Brush one side of all cookie cut outs with egg white, and coat with almond mixture; place coated side up on lightly greased cookie sheets. Bake at 375°F for 8 to 10 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool on wire racks. Repeat procedure with remaining dough.

Raspberry Sandwich Cookies: Spread uncoated side of each solid cookie with a thin layer of raspberry preserves. (Cookies are very delicate and must be handled carefully.) Lightly dust almond side of doughnut-shaped cookies with powdered sugar, if desired; place sugar side up on top of raspberry filling. Yield: 2 dozen.

Chocolate Sandwich 
Cookies: Using half of reserved cookie centers, spread a thin layer of melted chocolate on side without almonds. Top with remaining cookie centers, almond side up. Drizzle tops of cookies with remaining chocolate, if desired. Yield: 1 dozen.

Recipe by: The Southern Living Cookbook, 1987, 
Posted by Gail Shermeyer Apr13, 1998

Nutrition (calculated from recipe ingredients) 
Calories: 131 
Calories From Fat: 61 
Total Fat: 7.1g 
Cholesterol: 23.6mg 
Sodium: 26.1mg 
Potassium: 29.6mg 
Carbohydrates: 17.4g 
Fiber: <1g 
Sugar: 7g 
Protein: <1g 


3. Dairy-free Pasta "cheese" Sauce

Base: Sauces

Number of Servings: 4

1/2 Cup(s) Minced green onions
2 Tablespoon(s) Olive oil or water for Sautéing
1 Tablespoon(s) Whole wheat pastry flour
3 Tablespoon(s) Nutritional yeast
1 1/2 To 2 cups water
2 Tablespoon(s) Sesame tahini
2 Teaspoon(s) "chicken"-flavored vegetable broth or light miso
1/2 Cup(s) Soymilk
Fresh ground pepper to taste
Ground rock salt

Heat green onions and olive oil or water in a medium skillet and sauté for 3 minutes. Add flour and stir well to dissolve. Add nutritional yeast and slowly add water, whisking to combine ingredients into a smooth sauce. Stir in tahini and vegetable broth. Whisking continuously, allow sauce to cook over medium heat until it begins to bubble. Whisk in soy milk. Cook sauce for 2 minutes, whisking continuously until it is thick and bubbly. Season with freshly ground black pepper and ground rock salt, if desired. Yields 1 1/2 to 2 cups of sauce, enough for one pound of pasta.

Variation: Stir 2 cups of cooked corn into finished sauce and pour over 1 pound of thin green pasta.

From American Vegetarian Cookbook by Marilyn Diamond

Nutrition (calculated from recipe ingredients) 
Calories: 57 
Calories From Fat: 35 
Total Fat: 4.1g 
Cholesterol: 0mg 
Sodium: 18.3mg 
Potassium: 105.6mg 
Carbohydrates: 3.5g 
Fiber: 1.2g 
Sugar: <1g 
Protein: 2.5g 


4. Dale Hellestrae's Zucchini Cream Cheese Pancakes

Base: Vegetables
Course: Side Dish

Number of Servings: 1

5 Zucchini, shredded very finely
1/4 Cup(s) Parmesan cheese
1/2 Teaspoon(s) Garlic powder
1/4 Teaspoon(s) Pepper
3 Eggs
1/2 Cup(s) Flour
1/2 Teaspoon(s) Salt
3 Ounce(s) Cream cheese

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Heat skillet on medium heat and coat with vegetable cooking spray. Drop batter on skillet, brown on both sides.

Note: Dales says, "These are delicious and are always a big hit. They can be buttered and sprinkled with parmesan cheese or can be served plain. "MC formatted by Brenda Adams; mc 5/11/97 Source: Published in "All-Pro Recipes" by Great Chef's of the NFL
Recipe by: Dale's (Dallas Cowboys) mom. Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1#605 by Badams on May 11, 1997

Nutrition (calculated from recipe ingredients) 
Calories: 1014 
Calories From Fat: 479 
Total Fat: 54.3g 
Cholesterol: 673.6mg 
Sodium: 2111.7mg 
Potassium: 3006mg 
Carbohydrates: 85.2g 
Fiber: 11.8g 
Sugar: 28.2g 
Protein: 52.1g 


5. Dana's Italian Chili

2 Pound(s) Hot Italian sausage
1 16 oz kidney beans drained
1 Green bell pepper, diced
1 1/2 Tablespoon(s) Chili powder
1/2 Teaspoon(s) Garlic powder
1 Teaspoon(s) Black pepper
1/2 Teaspoon(s) Old Bay Seasoning*
2 15 oz Hunts Ready Tomato Sauce Salsa
1 6 oz tomato paste
1/2 Cup(s) Water
"Copious Amount" Texas Pete Hot sauce
1 Diced onion
1 Jalapeno pepper

In a large saucepan, dice and brown the Italian sausage with the *Old Bay Seasoning, then pour off the drippings. Dana prefers to remove the skin from the sausage to keep it from being "tough". Add onion, green pepper, chili powder, tomato sauce, tomato paste, garlic powder and water. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes stirring occasionally. Add kidney beans, jalapeno pepper and Texas Pete (to taste). Simmer for another 30 minutes. Just before serving do a "once around the pot" with a good Mexican bottle of beer to make it feel at home. Dana tells me that the only way to enjoy her chili is with a Mexican beer, tortilla chips and a little shredded extra sharp cheddar on top.

Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V4 #183 by The Old Bear <> on Nov04, 1997

Nutrition (calculated from recipe ingredients) 
Calories: 2946 
Calories From Fat: 1630 
Total Fat: 184.2g 
Cholesterol: 724.8mg 
Sodium: 12152.5mg 
Potassium: 5176.7mg 
Carbohydrates: 169g 
Fiber: 53g 
Sugar: 51.3g 
Protein: 185.4g - - - -

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